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Messenger Bag – Your Reliable Sidekick on the Go {Made-To-Order}

Side bags are a messengers best friend with a 25 liter capacity for each bag. There are two installation options; with the side bag holder the bags can be easily and quickly mounted on the messenger, or they can be mounted with the included universal strap system.
They include waterproof internal pockets to organize belongings. Capacity: 25 liters per bag. IPX5 100% waterproof. Safety straps included..
Reflective graphics for increased visibility. Installation: OPTION 1: Shad Side Bag Holder (sold separately). OPTION 2: Universal fitting straps included.
Carrying handles & lightweight material for comfortable transport. 2 waterproof inner pockets for organizing internal storage.
Trimmer © Aluminum ionized clips for durability in tough conditions. Sold as a set of saddle bags. Semirigid structure maintains shape when empty.
Thermo pad sold separately for additional heat protection. PVC Tarpaulin Mesh / 3 layers. Durable and easy to clean material.

Length 42 cm
Width 34 cm
Height 5 cm